Dick Weis

In recent years my approaches to my work have undoubtedly been influenced my residency at the University of Wales in Aberystwyth in 2002 and work through the Fulbright Scholar and Fulbright Specialist Program in South Korea. I am grateful to the Fulbright Senior Specialist Program, the Fulbright Scholar Program, Aberystywyth University, Hannam University, Green Mountain College and the Vermont Arts Council for making those experiences possible.

An artwork usually begins with a response to an external or internal stimulus, often with something as simple (and complex) as a heightened awareness of a smell, a color, a shape, or a sensation on the skin.  Sometimes it begins with an observation, an awareness of relationships or events that strike me in a new way. It involves associations and reflection about time, place and circumstance.  During the working part of the process the artwork unfolds, revealing itself in its making. It becomes a visual artifact of engagement with the world. The painted stroke, the mark on the surface, the relationships between the forms, all carry meaning, not unlike sound in music.  The viewer is asked to listen with their eyes.

"...to learn what it is to be human now, is the reason we follow this star..." - from W.H. Auden