Dick Weis Studio Notes

JUNE 27, 2010
As of May 17th 2010 I am retired from full-time teaching. The balance between teaching and the studio is always a difficult one but one I have managed pretty well. Now it is a matter of finding a new balance, a new rhythm to this very interesting life. Things are starting to sort out a little but it will take time. I have just shipped two works to be included in the "Cross Cultural" exhibition being organized to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Fulbright Organization in Korea. The exhibit opens in New York at the Korean Cultural Services July 7th, Washington D.C. at Korus House July 23rd and the Seoul Arts Center in Seoul South Korea October 9th. Nancy and I have a joint exhibition in the mill complex at Bridgewater Vermont this fall (more specific information later), and Nancy is doing an installation at the Chaffee Art Center in Rutland VT. July 16-August 7th.

 JANUARY 30, 2011

I enjoy exploring painting media and am pretty well versed in a variety of historical media and techniques. That said, most of my current paintings are done using acrylic paints (I prefer Golden Paints), but I still work in oil on occasion. I began using acrylic because of my wife's allergic reaction to mineral spirits and turpentine. We found out, through her, that this can be an accumulative reaction, one day you are o.k. and the next day you cannot be around it. My recent oil explorations are using Winsor & Newton's Artisan colors and related mediums because they clean up with water and thus do no require containers of solvent sitting around. So far I am relatively pleased with how they are working but would like to be able to mix my own mediums that also are able to be cleaned up with water rather than purchasing ready-made mediums.